BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Jive Software//Jive Events//EN METHOD:REQUEST VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20191114T100636Z ATTENDEE;ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;PARTSTAT=NEEDS-ACTION;RSVP=TRUE: ORGANIZER;CN=;SENT-BY="MAILTO:null":MAILTO:event-community-solarwinds--co mmunity-community--events--webcasts--and--training@solarwinds-v9.hosted. DESCRIPTION;LANGUAGE=en-US: let/downloadImage/96891546-2177-222826/pastedImage_0.png (https://custo\nW ho: This is suitable for any users for whom performance is becoming an i ssue\, or any users considering expanding their deployment with addition al licenses\, polling engines or web servers\n\nWhat: This course focuse s on maximizing performance. This means tuning your equipment to optimiz e its capabilities\, tuning your polling intervals to capture the data y ou need without bogging down the database with less critical data\, and adding additional pollers for load balancing and better network visibili ty.\n\nWhere: Virtual classroom ( irtualClassrooms/?CMPSource=THW&CMP=DIRECT) live event\n\nAttend the tra ining session in full and receive 2\,000 Thwack Points!\n+Please note\, to be eligible to claim the Thwack points\, you will need to complete th e customer feedback survey fully and have attended at least 75% of the c hosen class. You will receive the customer feedback survey at the end of the session.+\n\nHow to register: To register your attendance for this class please log into the customer portal (https://customerportal.solarw and select the app ropriate class and date to register.\n\n /servlet/JiveServlet/downloadIm age/96891546-2966-397818/pastedImage_1.png m/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/96891546-2966-397818/pastedImage_1.p ng \nSpace is limited\, please log into the customer portal to register ( CMP=DIRECT) your attendance.\n\nTo register for these classes active mai ntenance is required.\n\nThis is a live and interactive class\, so pleas e bring your questions with you – we look forward to seeing you there!\n \n+Please note accepting this thwack calendar event does NOT register yo u for this event. Please remember to log into the+ +customer portal+ (ht tps:// =DIRECT) +to register your attendance for this class+ X-ALT-DESC;FMTTYPE=text/html;LANGUAGE=en-US:\n \n [EM EA] SOLARWINDS ACADEMY: ORION PLATFORM SCALABILITY\n \n < body>\n \n \n SUMMARY;LANGUAGE=en-US:[EMEA] SOLARWINDS ACADEMY: ORION PLATFORM SCALABIL ITY TZID:"America/Chicago" DTSTART:20191121T110000Z DTEND:20191121T150000Z UID:20191004T170805Z-jive-event@localhost CLASS:PUBLIC TRANSP:OPAQUE STATUS:CONFIRMED SEQUENCE:0 LOCATION;LANGUAGE=en-US:Virtual Class BEGIN:VALARM ACTION:DISPLAY DESCRIPTION:REMINDER TRIGGER;RELATED=START:-PT15M END:VALARM END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR