Webcast: Red=Bad: Troubleshooting Faster with the AppStack Dashboard

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Date: Thursday, September 5, 2019

Time: 11 – 11:30 AM CT


When we consider the limited number of universal signals we have on this planet, Red=Bad and Green=Good stand out as two of the most useful, especially when it comes to monitoring. Luckily, SolarWinds® AppStack Dashboard provides infrastructure dependency mapping with status or current state represented in that way. Quickly see application infrastructure dependencies and their overall health and performance. Virtualized and shared resources are great until there’s an issue, and you need to find the root cause in one of the many shared infrastructure components. The AppStack Dashboard helps solve this problem by automatically connecting your applications, operating systems, virtualization environment, storage, and more into a single view. 


See how you can speed up application, server, and infrastructure troubleshooting toda

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for this insightful database webcast.






Jared Hensle
Technology professional with 15+ years of experience in IT technology. Working for multiple larger enterprises, IT organizations, and MSPs. At SolarWinds, Jared is responsible for Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Virtualization Manager (VMAN), and Database Performance Analyzer (DPA).


Serena Chou

At SolarWinds, Serena is the Product Manager for Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and previously responsible for Virtualization Manager and the Orion Platform (VMAN).

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    Sep 5, 2019 11:00 AM CDT (America/Chicago)
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    Sep 5, 2019 11:30 AM CDT (America/Chicago)
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    Your desk :)

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