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thwackCamp 2015 - Buy Me a Pony: How To Make IT Requests that Management Will Approve

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Thursday, July 16th, 11:00 AM CDT

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1505_badge75x75_thwackcamp-2015.pngTrack 2 - Buy Me a Pony: How To Make IT Requests that Management Will Approve

Do we even NEED monitoring and alerting tools in this day of hyper-converged, cloud-based, massively redundant, super-virtualized systems that have built in self-healing automation? Uh… shyeah! But often, the hard part is making the business understand that.

As an IT Pro with an interest (if not a specialization) in monitoring, you intuitively understand the value that monitoring brings to your organization. But frequently there’s a disconnect from other parts of the business, who view monitoring purely as a cost center. In this session Leon Adato and Joel Dolisy (tentative) take a deep dive into the numbers of monitoring, showing you how to:

  • Quantify the ongoing value (cost avoidance, return on investment) of monitoring and alerting
  • Capture the monitoring you have in place in order to identify redundancies and gaps
  • Make a business case for upgrades or new tools that management will actually listen to
  • Quickly drive through the RFP/RFQ process to help you find the best solution and vendor for your needs

Giveaways: After each session, attendees will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

That's 3 winners for each session! We will also have a grand prize at the end of Day 1 and 2. Stay tuned for more details to come!

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    Jul 16, 2015 11:00 AM CST (America/Chicago)
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