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Process and Instance Monitoring in solarwinds

Hi Folks,

I have  a question is it possible in solarwinds to monitor a server processes along with its instance automate
the monitoring checks for JDE
. what are the prerequisites to enable the same .How it can be done and at what level.

Its a urgent request any quick response will be highly appreciated.


Samiksha Shruti

  • Hi Samiksha,

    Can you provide a little more information, please?  Are you looking to monitor the "Java Development Environment" on a server hosting some sort of services for developers using an IDE that connects to a server?

    The base requirement will be SAM (Server and Application Monitor).  You can create custom monitors of services and processes running on a server (Windows, Linux, etc.).  There are also many templates available on THWACK through your Orion Web Console.  This is normally located here: {your-orion-url}/Orion/APM/Admin/Templates/thwack/Default.aspx.  You can import such templates as is, or even copy and modify.

    If you need to create one from scratch, you can follow this KB article: Create a Windows Service Monitor in SAM: Success Center.

    But, if you can provide additional details (server OS type, application you want to monitor, components {service and process names}, and what sort of alerting you want to be able to accomplish), I can give you a more specific answer.

  • So I'm using the High CPU usage alert to poll the server to list the top processes responsible for high utilization.

    Can I further take actions based on any of the listed processes?

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