How will I get notified if the server get into hung state

Dear Techies,

How will get alerted of the server hung state in SolarWinds NPM or SAM. Maybe through SNMP or WMI. Kindly let me know your thoughts about this feature.


Charles Jebaraj

  • SNMP and wmi would not directly be able to tell you if a service is hung only if it is running or not. If the service has wmi performance counters associated with it you might be able to see if the actions on the counters drop to zero. But realistically the best way to monitor if a service is not doing what that service is supposed to do is to put together some kind of transaction that test the service or what it supposed to do directly. If the service runs a website you load the website oh, if the service allows incoming requests on a given Port then you build a command line utility that shoots requests at that port
  • There is a way we can achieve that partially, but in the below case its a win-win situation.

    1. Using SAM, check if the SNMP for the server is responding or not for atleast 2-3 polling interval.
    If the SNMP service is not responding to ORION, we can consider it as Hung.
    2. There would be various cases where the server’s SNMP is in stopped state, in that case as well our resources will not be monitored in the system and its risk for everyone.
    So, even if its just the SNMP service which is not responding, it will still be a good case for us to know when our compute is not getting monitored.

    Also, using GPO, we can permanently configure SNMP in our systems, so that the configuration of the same is always intact and we can receive the right set of alerts for the same.