Notify if internet connection goes down w/ multiple internet providers

I currently employ NPM and Netflow Traffic Analyzer.  We have two internet connections.  I would like to be notified if one of these internet connections go down.  I cannot figure out the best way to do this and my searches only have people that had one internet connection.  I would greatly appreciate any help.

  • Depends where you terminate the two ISP. 

    I would set up an IP SLA, and based on that i would even shutdown the BGP (when IP SLA fail).  Sometimes your BGP peer is up, but your ISP can not route to other ISP/internet and that upstream issue can impact your services.  Once you have your IP SLA, you can get up a custom monitor one you figure out the MIB associated with it.

    As a secondary option is to set up a source based route so you can ping over ISP A and over ISP B.  For that you can just use a normal object ICMP monitor.  You should pick multiple IPs to monitor over each ISP.  I normally monitor 3 IPs.  If they all fail , i have the process auto shutdown bad BGP peer.

    I hope this helps.