(Episode #93) A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Modern Dashboards

Turning data into information and information into decisions are some of the most common challenges facing any monitoring professional. A clean, easy-to-interpret dashboard can go a long way in turning those raw numbers into actionable decisions. In this heavily requested follow-up episode, Kevin M. Sparenberg, technical content manager for THWACKRegistered, presents a step-by-step build for modern dashboards. This live and in-depth working session builds on lessons learned from previous SolarWinds Lab episodes (#85, #86, and #91). To get the most from this session, we strongly encourage you to review those episodes, and come prepared with your questions.

At the end of this SolarWinds Lab, you'll have the skills necessary to:

  • Craft a dashboard for your or another team
  • Explain the difference and benefits of the four widget types
  • Use your SWQL skills to craft custom data needed by your teams

Additional Resources:

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Query examples from the episode are attached below.


Top Comments

  • Depends on how the custom property is attached, but if it was a Node-based custom property, it would go something like this:

    SELECT Min([CPU].AvgLoad) AS MinAvgCpuLoad
         , Max([CPU].MinLoad) AS MaxMinCpuLoad
         , Avg([CPU].AvgPercentMemoryUsed) AS AvgPercentMemory
         , [CPU].Node.Vendor
    FROM Orion.CPULoad AS [CPU]
    WHERE [CPU].DateTime >= GETUTCDATE() - 7
    -- This is where you update your custom property  
      AND [CPU].Node.CustomProperty.PropertyName = 'PropertyValue'
    GROUP BY [CPU].Node.Vendor
    ORDER BY AvgPercentMemory DESC

    This of course depends on your Property Name and the values.  But this should be a good place to start.

    Great job nice examples !!!

    By the way how do I add CP filter to each of those examples ?
    Or can I do it ones per dashboard?I basically need to have 3 copies for 3 different groups ...

  • As Kevin mentions in this lab episode, sometimes the best form of flattery is stealing someone else's creation. (only with regards to those shared freely) In that spirit, share your modern dashboard creations with us! If you were in live chat, I mentioned it was coming and for a limited time you can get some sweet THWACK points for sharing.

    Show us your customized dashboards

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