WALL·E falls to Lumbergh – Play-in Round Recap

It was neck and neck there for a bit.  One retractable, and one due for a wringing.  In the #Play-In Round of the Bracket Battle 2024 , WALL·E, EVE, and M-O were crushed by the corporate overlords at Initech.

You made WALL·E cry.

Next up are the four quadrants:

  • Hack the Planet
  • The Hubris of Man
  • Paranoid Android
  • Tech Noir

But with 65% of the votes, Office Space continues to the next round.

Many of you said Mike Judge’s Office Space mimicked real life, and we agree, but the battles have just started for our wild-card winner.  They’ve got to content with A.I. gone romantic in Her and the battles only get harder from there.  Can this outlier take it all?  Your votes determine who stays and who goes.

The Round of 32 is open for voting, so jump in, cast a ballot, and earn some free internet points while you’re at it.