Quarterfinals Recap: The Margin of Victories Dwindle

The quarterfinals in the #Hollywood Bytes #Bracket Battle were nothing if not close. 

Paranoid Android

The underdog that keeps on going, Office Space (1999) defeated the juggernaut that has been 2001: A Space Odyssey by a slimmer margin than precited by our wildly unscientific predictions.  Earning the team from Initech the title of champion of the Paranoid Android bracket by 14%.  Paranoid? Yes. Android? Not so much. But let's see how it fairs against some stiff competition in...

Tech Noir

This race was too close to call until the final hours, but there was a clear winner.  For anyone checking their match, Keanu > Arnie - just don't tell Mr. Schwarzenegger that.  You read that right, with a 32% margin of victory, The Matrix (1999) took down The Terminator (1984).  And they didn't even need a hydraulic press.

Hack the Planet

The 1980's were tested to their limit, but plucky David and Jennifer were able to dethrone the rising tide that was Kevin Flynn.  You read that correct: Tron (1982) was unable to secure the top-spot and WarGames (1983) took the bracket by a 14% margin.

The Hubris of Man

Is it any wonder that hundreds of genetically engineered killing machines were able to take down a single cybertronically engineered killing machine?  Looking at that arithmetic, the outcome seems easy, but that's now what early voting indicated.  In the end, Jurassic Park (1993) was able to walk away with a victory from RoboCop (1987) with a 22% margin of victory.

There you have it our penultimate recap for the #Quarterfinals.  The semifinals are under way in the #Bracket Battle 2024.

You have until March 26 to rally your friends and cast your votes. After that, there's only the final where one movie will remain victorious.