[Round of 32] Calculator Watch vs. Big Trak

Calculator Watch [Details]

calculator watch is a digital watch with a built-in calculator, usually including buttons on the watch face. Calculator watches were first introduced in the 1970s and continue to be produced, despite falling from their peak popularity during the 1980s.

Big Trak [Details]

BIG TRAK / bigtrak is a programmable toy electric vehicle resembling a futuristic Sci-Fi tank / utility vehicle, possibly for use on the Moon or a Planetoid style environment. The toy could remember up to 16 commands, which it then executed in sequence. 

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  • Intro to programming vs. never having to do simple arithmetic alone again?  None of today's kids will understand the struggles we faced.

    I do remember the controversy when kids with the Casio watches had to take them off for math (read "arithmetic") tests.  I also remember the follow-up when advanced graphic calculators were banned from all manner of tests that involved numbers of any kind.  Fast forward a handful of years later and the schools are teaching classes around those same graphing calculators.

    At least we've matured and when I want math, I just scream "Hey Google" and pose my question, and when I want programming I ask ChatGPT to write a java program to solve the Towers of Hanoi.