Round of 32 Recap

The field is dwindling.  Where sixteen matchups began, it was a mere eight who made it through to the next round.  Upsets abounded, and surprises were around every corner, but it was no contest for a few of our battles.

Monty Python (89%) trounced the Fab Five (11%) in a decisive win that had fashion fans wringing their collective bowler hats while being ridiculed from castle walls by someone with a French accent.

Check your brackets, because if you had the fraternity of Lambda, Lambda, Lambda (48%) running away with the bracket, they were upset by a last-minute rally by Bing, Buffay, Green, Tribbiani, and the Geller siblings (52%).

Some other highlights from across the round:

  • Mystery, Inc. muttered “jinkies” as they were taken down by the Goonies
  • The cheesecake-loving ladies of the Golden Girls had a decisive win over the Gang from Philadelphia.
  • Peter Quill and company handed Task Force X it’s collective hat
  • One wizard is all you need was proven as the Fellowship took a win away from the Order of the Phoenix.

Now we’re down to the Round of Sixteen and some of these matchups are nail-biters.  Who will make it to the quarterfinals? Only time (and your votes) will tell as we continue the Bracket Battle 2022: Battle of the Super Squads.