Round of 16 Recap

You know it’s getting close to the end up when the heats are coming down to a few percentage points between winner and loser.  It’s getting exciting as we enter the quarterfinals, so let’s catch you up on the latest round.

  • The Family Parr defeated a bunch of High School scofflaws in the round of 16 cementing the Incredibles a place in the next round.
  • Similarly, a bunch of crooners, collectively called “Rats,” couldn’t stand against Rizzo and his felt-faced friends, so the Muppets make it to the quarterfinals.
  • A heist may be a great and fun thing to witness, but nothing seems to be able to stand against funny walkers, dead parrots from a pet shop, or coconuts for horses, so Monty Python advances.
  • When is three greater than six? When the Friends face off against the Three Amigos.  If we were honest with ourselves, we knew that Chandler and Phoebe could never stand up to El Guapo, so this only made sense.
  • Picture it: Sicily, 1929, the cheesecake-loving septuagenarians fall to a space pirate drop-out and his group of flunkies. Is that oversimplifying the battle that would have torn the universe asunder?  Yes, but the Guardians of the Galaxy still came out on top.
  • Sorry One-Eyed Willy, but you’re going in the trap – along with that Chester Cobblepot fellow because your opponents ain’t afraid of no ghosts – erm – skeletons (or an octopus for those of us in the “know”). That’s right, the Ghostbusters get to move on to the next round.
  • Former military, demolition, logistics, and tactics specialists didn’t stand a chance when confronted with breakfast-loving hobbits and their jewelry-destroying squad. This answers the age-old question: is an elven long bow superior to TNT? Yes. Yes it is.
  • The detectives of the Townsend agency stood zero, zip, none, nada chance against Earth’s mightiest heroes. Like the Thanos snap, the angels were disbanded, and the Avengers continue on.

From 33 teams we are down to a mere 8, in these quarterfinals of the Bracket Battle 2022: Battle of the Super Squads!