Quarterfinals Recap

In another round of heated battle between the remaining eight amazing squads, our quarterfinals have ended with The Incredibles advancing to take on Monte Python and The Guardians of the Galaxy stepping up to take on The Avengers.  

The quarterfinals featured four epic battles between our opponents. In our closet battle, we saw The Incredibles defeat The Muppets by the margin of just 4%! Monte Python galloped their way to an overwhelming victory over The Three Amigos securely locking in their position in the semifinals. The Guardians of the Galaxy went toe-to-toe with the Ghostbusters leading to The Guardians of the Galaxy pulling out a victory with a final score of 60 to 40. And while The Fellowship of the Ring was able to dominate the bracket early, their adventure to rule them all ended when they faced The Avengers in another narrow victory for The Avengers who came out on top by just eight points. 

Now, a bracket that started with thirty-two teams has come down to the final four. Will The Incredibles continue their domination of the bracket as they face Monte Python? And will it be the Marvel Misfits or the Marvel Heroes who advance to the finals? Stay tuned as we now enter the 2022 Battle of the Super Squads Semifinals!