Semifinals Recap - Down to the finals!

They were the match ups of the year, and we didn't expect anything different considering it was the semifinals, but even we couldn't describe the ferocity or comprehend the passion of the THWACK community.

In the semifinal round-up:

  • Cosmic forces weren't enough to hold back the Avengers in a Marvel v. Marvel showdown.  In an effort worthy of the mad titan himself, the Avengers were able to claw victory away from "Rabbit" and "Tree" leaving the Guardians of the Galaxy wallowing in the wake of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  With that, the Avengers advance to the finals.
  • In a clippy-clop of coconuts, Monty Python cut down the Incredibles like the black knight.  Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Dash, and Violet were cast away like so many unnecessary limbs leaving the Parr family with no choice but to concede defeat.  Arthur and his knights (we know you read this in your head like the French taunter) were chivalrous enough to allow Jack-Jack to crawl away with his dignity intact.

But now, we are setup for a battle for the ages between new heroes and those of yore is up for the final.  Would you kindly silly-walk your way and cast your ballot for the ultimate champion of the Bracket Battle 2022: Battle of the Super Squads.