[ROUND OF 32] The Wonders vs. Stillwater

The Wonders

From: That Thing You Do! 
Members: Guy “Shades” Patterson, Jimmy Mattingly, Lenny Haise, T.B. Player 
Playing their Number 1 Hit: The Wonders—That Thing You Do 
No, his shades aren't prescription—Guy is the drummer. Hailing from Pennsylvania and sporting outfits (and haircuts) like The Beatles, The Wonders hit single "That Thing You Do!" is sure to be stuck in your head... if only Playtone Records was still cutting vinyl. 


From: Almost Famous 
Genre: Classic Rock 
Members: Russell Hammond, Jeff Bebe, Ed Vallencourt, Larry Fellows 
Sample: “Fever Dog” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fxdDJYvVyE 
Not to be confused with the nonfictional southern-rock group from the 70s, Stillwater is the band at the center of the movie “Almost Famous.” With music written by Nancy Wilson of Heart, it’s hard to see how this band could’ve gone wrong