[ROUND OF 32] The Starlighters vs. Otis Day and The Knights

The Starlighters

From: Back to the Future 
Genre: Motown 
Members: Marvin, Reginald, Match, Skinhead, 3-D 
Sample: “Night Train” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X12DY8vMpTQ
When it came to saving the future, Marty McFly didn’t need a powerful gauntlet, wizards, or a telephone box; he needed one good song. And for that, he needed backup from a group of talented musicians. Luckily, the Enchantment Under the Sea dance on November 12, 1955, had just what he needed. 

Otis Day and The Knights

From: Animal House  
Genre: R&B/Soul 
Members: DeWayne Jessie, Lloyd Williams, Greg Hanley, Amelia Jesse 
Otis! My MAN! Otis Day and The Knights frequented basements and toga parties, literally bringing down the house. As you listen to "Shout" and "Shama Lama Ding Dong," you can understand where your dad got his dance moves... and why some weddings have banned "Shout" from being played. 

  • This is a TOUGH comparison.  The popularity of Otis Day & the nights singing "Shout!"  (not to mention Animal House), while at the same time, the band's just not shining.  They're riding on the well-written song and one singer's style, versus multiple musicians shining talent. 

    On the other side is the lesser-known Night Train and the campy reputation of Michael J. Fox and Back To The Future, versus the many musicians getting into a solid groove and really swinging the music with a raunchy and gutsy saxophone.  

    Sorry folksl Shout is popular, but the band is playing shallow. 

    And the bracket battle ranks the bands and their musicianship, not their songs.   

    The Starlighters take this bracket for their musicianship making a much-more-difficult soulful groove really move, where ever individual is putting forth their all.  The Starlighters are making serious music that's deep and moving. 

    I've been playing this axe since 1970, and trust me:  I know music.

  • It hurts to vote against The Starlighters, but Otis Day and The Knights tear it up something EPIC!  Slight smile

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