[ROUND OF 32] The Lone Rangers vs. Steel Dragon

The Lone Rangers

From: Airheads (1994) 
Members: Chazz Darvey (Brendan Fraser), Rex (Steve Buscemi), and Pip (Adam Sandler) 
Sample: Degenerated 
Some bands get famous from a breakout hit, other bands because of their epic rock operas, but how many get famous for taking hostages? I rest my case. The Lone Rangers set themselves apart with their sound, their energy, their callout to Bea Arthur, and their extensive list of hostage demands. How many other bands can boast such an achievement? 

Steel Dragon

From: Rock Star 
Genre: Hair... I mean hard rock. 
Members: Ghode, Jörgen, A.C., Bobby Beers, Chris “Izzy” Cole, Kirk Cuddy 
Sample:  We All Die Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00DkPyT2LiE
In gritty Philadelphia, a football fan gets the chance of a lifetime to lead his beloved professional te... no, wait, that’s Invincible. This is the same thing but with 80s hard rock hair bands.