[QUARTERFINALS] Jessie and the Rippers vs. Autobahn

Jessie and the Rippers

From: Full House 
Genre: Classic Rock and Pop Covers 
Members: “Uncle” Jessie Katsopolis 
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ti8-vEM3U8 
Hello, Uncle Jessie... really, need we say more? Jessie and the Rippers was Uncle Jessie’s first band on Full House and is known for providing the S.F. club scene with ample covers of Beach Boys and Elvis Presley covers. Jessie eventually gets booted from the band because he’s more committed to the family life, but we will always have “Forever.” 


From: The Big Lebowski  
Genre: Country (mostly) 
Members: Uli Kunkle, Franz, and Dieter
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEVrCshh7a0
Who doesn’t know Autobahn? Three dudes who published a groundbreaking album in the late 70s and invented early techno-pop. 

Later, their success wore off, so they reformed the band under the name The Nihilists. They believe in nothing. Their musical career came with average success at best, so they started looking into side jobs like abduction and peeing on rugs. 

They continue to write songs even though they’re more niche. Among the most popular ones are “Tomorrow Ve Come Back and Ve Cut Off Your Chonson” and “STFU Donnie.”