Version 1

    I created 3 columns: Suppress [True/False], SuppressNum [Text], SummaryGroup [Text]

    SuppressNum represents the position the node sits in the topology from a given starting point.

    SummaryGroup represents the network space a similar group of objects use ie they are all dependent on the same upstream device(s).

    If a router or switch (any device that segements a network either by address space or topology  ... You have to make the call) goes down I make trigger action execute this command:

    C:\SQLCMD\sqlcmd.exe -S SQLSERVER -U SQLUSER -P SQLPASS -d Orion -Q "UPDATE Nodes SET Suppress = 1 WHERE ((Nodes.SummaryGroup LIKE '${SummaryGroup}%') AND (Nodes.SuppressNum > '${SuppressNum}') AND (Nodes.Suppress = 0))"

    That marks all nodes that aren't currently suppressed, who have a greater SuppressNum value and have a similar SummaryGroup.

    The Trigger reset command is just the opposite:

    C:\SQLCMD\sqlcmd.exe -S SQLSERVER -U SQLUSER -P SQLPASS -d Orion -Q "UPDATE Nodes SET Suppress = 0 WHERE ((Nodes.SummaryGroup LIKE '${SummaryGroup}%') AND (Nodes.SuppressNum > '${SuppressNum}') AND (Nodes.Suppress = 1))"

     I have a second alert that runs less frequently that will check to see if any nodes are down AND Suppress value is equal to No. So only nodes that dont' have the Suppress value True will trigger an email alert.

    Attached exported copies of the 2 alerts that make this work and a couple screenshots showing a specific example of the description above.