Version 1

    example:  (justify bug is killing me in this version)

    I use the below information to populate my Orion maps with static routes on my cisco gear.

    There are several pieces to this.

    First, you have to create custom properties/fields in NPM and NCM databases, I used "StaticRouteTable" in both.

    In the DB (I'm running SQL2008), you have to create stored procedure/job in each databases and set up jobs to run these (see attached txt for the 2 sections for the stored proc and job).
            (or you can use OSQL/ SQLCMD with task manager)

    I have my NCM run inventory nightly and my DB jobs run in the early morning, so the maps get updated daily.  That works for our environment...

    Then, on the maps, simply use the macros for that field (attached to node)
        this is what I have in the box:     Static Routes for ${HName}:
         HName is custom name field:      ${StaticRouteTable}

    disclaimer - always back up your db before doing stuff to it.
                    - different versions of SQL can have different syntaxes
                    - you will need to determine what works best for your environment

    good luck and hope this adds value.