Version 1

    I have created some custom pollers for hardware state reporting but can also be used for Inventory reporting.

    Array Controller

    Model & Version (Useful if there is a known error with a certain firmware version, you can go onto create a custom report to identify all servers running with this version)

    CPU Status

    CPU Manufacturer, No of Cores, Speed, Socket & Current Status


    Hard Drive

    Bay Number, HDD Size, Speed, HDD Type (e.g. SATA, SCSI, SAS) Firmware version & Current Status



    Slot & Current Status


    Power Supply

    Slot & Current Status,  Type (e.g. Hot Pluggable or not), Redundancy (e.g. is the power supply redudant)


    Network Interface Card

    Description of Interface, MacAddress, Speed & Current Status


    Temperature Monitoring

    Sensor Location, Current temp, Threshold Temp (max temp it can reach before possible failure) & Current Status