New to Networking Volume 2 - Basics of IP SLA

Version 1

    Here's a paper to help you understand how IP SLA works and how to deploy the technology while minimizing the load on IP SLA devices and the network as a whole. IP SLA is a Cisco IOS feature included in almost all IOS so you might as well put it to work! IP SLA lets you -

    • Measure network services like FTP, DNS and DHCP from anywhere an IOS device exists.
    • Measure the quality of real-time services such as VoIP or Video.
    • Check the reachability of a specific URL from anywhere on your network
    • Manage WAN quality across all your WAN links 
    • Export the results to your NMS from the device RTTMON MIB

    And it's just plain cool!!


    (Updated 09/04/09)