Version 1

    All, this resource is one we use in Orion 9.1 (so I am not sure if it will work in 9.5). We wrote a little web utility which allows technicians or our helpdesk to notate a note for device outages. I simply added a Custom Property called 'Status_Info' and tweaked the 03-DownNodes.Resource to include the following:

    StatusLED, Last Change, Duration, Users, Notes

    The Last Change field is when the device went down.
    The Duration is a calculation of the Days, Hours and minutes it has been down.
    Users is another Custom Property we use to show who uses the device or who is affected.
    Notes is the contents of the Status_Info Custom Property.

    This can be used without our custom web page as long as you have the ability to add notes to the device CP's.

    The only 'gotcha' with this is that I have to copy this modified resource back over every time I run the Configuration Wizard for the web. I have not tried to simply rename it to another so that might work.

    This is what it looks like on the summary page: