Version 1

    This resource makes it possible to filter Events in the Eventlist.

    There are four files you need to unpack and copy to your Orion web-folder.

    Copy LastXXEventsFilter.ascx and LastXXEventsFilter.ascx.cs to [Orionweb]\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\Resources\Events.

    Copy EventsReportControlFilter.ascx and EventsReportControlFilter.ascx.cs to [Orionweb]\SolarWinds\Orion\Controls

    I have not figured out how Orion names the Resources in 9.5 so when you add this new resource to your Page you will see two Last Events resources in the list under Events. This one is probably the last one.

    In this resource there is a column showing the ID of the event. This is what you need to know to remove them.  When you are finished removing you can hide this text by changing the tag <asp:Label ID="labEvent" Text='<%#Eval("EventType") %>' runat="server" Visible="True" /> to <asp:Label ID="labEvent" Text='<%#Eval("EventType") %>' runat="server" Visible="False" /> in the file EventsReportControlFilter.ascx

    So - to remove events open the file EventsReportControlFilter.ascx.cs. Find the list with


    Add one line for each event you want to remove.

    There is one problem with this resource. I remove the events from the table generated from the amount settings you set. This means that if you have rows set to 100 and the last 100 is event 5000 you will see nothing. I handle this by setting Last 24 hours and 5000 events. That should be enough for our use.