Version 1


    The above script will show the last 25 nodes that have been down, the date and time it went down, came up and how long the node was down for, Thanks to Gob for the original post. This now works in NPM 9.5. Instruction below, if anyone has anything further to add to this script then please re-post it here


    1. Place the above script in the following path (NPM 9.5).



    1. Click Admin.
    2. Click Manage Views.
    3. Click Network Summary Home, then Edit.
    4. Click ‘+’ to add a resource to a column
    5. Click Summary Reports, then ‘node down duration’
    6. Click Submit
    7. Click Done or Preview.
    8. Job Done. Should show something similar to the screenshot.


    Thanks to Gob for the original post. This works with Orion NPM 9.5.