Version 1

    The device type is used for the Alteon SSL gateway - More eloquently known as the Nortel Contivity VPN server.

    This will log on, allow you to log on if there are users on ssh/telnet or web management consoles, and download the config, followed by system information.  It was a bit 'tricky' to set up.

    Steps: 1) Logon. 2) Still log on if others are in, and by virtue of the precommand it will also ignore any alarms that may prevent the script from running. 3) Dump config /cfg/dump- implied cr says there are no keys to export (Default option is no). Config starts with "Collecting data" and ends with step 4. 4)  dump system information /info/sys. 5) Detect "end of config" by looking for the changed Information# prompt.

    I haven't been able to include exporting private keys in this setup, it looks impossible to do - so guys, you're on your own!

    <Configuration-Management Device="Alteon iSD SSL HW3050 SW" SystemOID="">
      <Command Name="ExportPassword" Value="EXPORT" />
      <Command Name="Reset" Value=""/>
      <Command Name="Reboot" Value="/boot/reboot"/>
      <Command Name="EnterconfigMode" Value=""/>
      <Command Name="Startup" Value=""/>
      <Command Name="Precommand" Value="no" Regex="Kill other sessions (yes/no) [no]" />
      <Command name="DownloadConfig" Value="/cfg/dump${CR}/info/sys"  Regex="Information#"/>
      <Command Name="Version" Value="/info/sys" Regex="Information#"/>
      <Command Name="More" Value="Press q to quit, any other key to continue"/>
      <Command Name="VirtualPrompt" Value="Main#" />
      <Command Name="MenuBased" Value="True" />
      <Command Name="MenuDrivenConfigStart" Value="Collecting data, please wait..."/>