Version 2

    This is a PowerShell Script for Pushing the install of Windows Event Log Forwarder MSI to remote servers.


    *      PowerShell Script File “InstallSWELF.ps1” located in C:\

    *      Server List Text File “Servers.txt” located in C:\ - (passed to InstallSWELF.ps1)

    *      SolarWinds_LogForwarder_0.1.0_Beta_Setup.msi located in C:\ELF – MSI Installer

    *      SolarWinds_LogForwarder_0.1.0_Beta_Setup.exe located in C:\ELF – EXE called by MSI

    *      LogForwarderSettings.cfg – Standard Configuration File for Log Forwarder


    You must intall the Log Forwarder once in order to get the config file if you will be using the same config on all servers, otherwise I guess you can manually create it if necessary.

    This script should work for any MSI install, just edit the Script to reflect the changes.

    I have the script creating a folder on the remote servers C drive called ELF to put the MSi and EXE files locally to the remote server. I am not good enough in PowerShell to use a single location for the install files.

    This is more intended for the PowerShell Newbies like myself to have a quick way to install the Log Forwarder on remote servers. (we have over a 1000 windows servers to load)