Version 1

    We installed a second poller and needed to move a specific list of devices to the new poller.  I wrote this python script to update the database field.  You still need to manually stop the poller services, etc.  In order to use it, you'll need to edit the script with your database server name, and account.  You also need pymssql installed. 

    Create a text file with one device name per-line.  You can specify the text file name and new Engine ID on the command line as follows:

    ./ filename.txt 2

    If you don't specify, it assumes you want everything in "devices.txt" moved to the poller with EngineID 4.

    We needed this because the pointy clicky way the documentation talked about seemed like a terrible way to move a specific list of ~600 devices.  Executing the script takes just a moment, and left us with a much smaller downtime window than would have been possible in the GUI.  Manually clicking things in the GUI would also have been much more error prone as far as selecting the correct list of devices.