Version 1

    First and foremost, this is based on an existing submission that was posted by DHardy. His post was the basis for mine. Without his contribution I wouldn't have thought of this to begin with so thanks to DHardy. Please refer to his post for initial setup.

    I made one slight modification to his so that I can get the driving directions from Select City Airports. I used a simple "Select Case" and I had to create a couple columns in the NetPerfMon db.

    We have some locations that we could drive to in State, and then there are some locations that we would not drive to. So I googled the address of the airports that we would normally fly into and rent a car from. I used that address as the source address instead.

    My case statements is based on a few States that we have remote locations in. So when I click on the directions link, the node is matched with the state that its in and that state's airport rental car pickup address is used for my source in the driving directions to the destination.

    First you will need to edit the Nodes table in the NetPerfmon database and add a new column called State, or what ever you want(what ever you call it will needs to match in the Case "" section of the code. I gave it a data type of varchar(2) for the state abbreviation. Then I added the states abbreviation for each node.

    Second, I created another column in this same table called Address, and populated the remote node locations addresses there too. I gave this an nvarchar(255).

    I replaced the last row in Dhandy's 01-AdvancedNodeDetails.Resource with a Select Case statement and then added the hyperlink at the end.

    You should also notice that my Case Else is a default address to use if none of the other case statements are matched with any node. In my case I used my Home office here so all my in state locations will default to my home office address for the source address.

    I attached my version of his file in this post and I replaced my addresses with # so just replace this character with your address and don't forget about the default else address.
    Again, this will not work right until the Nodes Table is modified to account for the State and Address columns.

    One added bonus is that I made the google map pop up in a new window so you don't loose your place in Orion. If you prefer to not do this then remove this -->  target="_blank" from the hyperlink. Then you will get the google map in the current browser window.