Version 2

    Although there is no built-in way of forwarding Kiwi Syslog Server error events as syslog messages (they just appear in the errorlog.txt file), it is possible to write a script that will poll the ErrorLog.txt file, say - every 5 minutes, and forward new errors as an individual syslog messages.

    The Kiwi Syslog Server Run-Script action is registered-only feature, so you will need to buy a copy of Kiwi Syslog Server for this to work, but - you could try a 30-day trial key in the meantime.

    To forward Kiwi Syslog Errors as Syslog events, set up the following rule, making sure that it is the FIRST rule in your rule list.  This is important so that Kiwi Syslog Server does not get into an infinite loop, where other rules receive syslog events, that generate errors, that get logged as syslog events, that generate errors, etc,


    Add the following Rule:
    (Rules > Create new item)

    Rule 1 (TOP-MOST rule)
      -Priority Filter: "Syslog.Error"  <-- Catches the forwarded "Syslog.Error" syslog messages.
      -Display nn  <--Choose an empty display
      -Stop Processing Message  <-- Avoids any potential infinte loop situation.

    Add the following Scheduled Run-Script Task:
    (Schedules > Create new item)

    Scheduled Run-Script task:
    +Schedule : Every 5 minutes  (or however often you want to poll errorlog)
    +Run Script options:
      -Script file name: Script_Forward_ErrorLog_via_Syslog.txt (Attached)
      -Script language: VBScript
      -Field read/write permissions: All checked.

    ..and that's all there is to it!

    NB.  The first time the schedule kicks-off, it will run the script which will forward ALL events in your error-log.  Thereafter you'll only receive new errors.