Version 1

    This customization will do a Windows Pathping or Tracert to a node when it exceeds a packet loss or latency threshold and make this information viewable by adding a custom resource to your Node-details page.
    When the alert is reset, it records a timestamped trace route to the node as well, so  you can confirm all is OK.
    This trace route can also be compared to the pathping route the next time the node alarms, to see if the network route has changed.

    The idea is to view any hops in the network between your Orion server and node, which show packet loss or increased latency.
    The windows Pathping command sends 100 packets to each hop along the path, so it is a little more accurate than just a simple traceroute.

    The install instructions are included in the file.

    <edit> The high latency part of the script has not been implemented, but is easy enough to complete yourself </edit>