Version 1

    Packeteer PacketShaper (now BlueCoat).  This will download the configuration from your packetshaper.  You will need to setup a custom script via command scheduling on the shaper itself to save a complete copy of the config to another file.  I have mine setup as the following to create the full configuration file each morning:


    Create a command at 9.258/backup.cmd and put the following commands into it:
         setup capture complete 9.258/backups/config.cmd

     Then setup command scheduling run the job on the packetshaper cli or gui to run your command script at your specified time/date. 

    The attached DeviceType file will then telnet to your packetshaper and view the contents of the "config.cmd" backup file your scheduled job created and save it as a running-config.  Make sure you set the communication in OrionNCM to telnet/telnet/telnet and disbale the enable level.  You must also use your TOUCH password to login to the packetshaper.  TOUCH access is required in order to read the configuration file.