Version 1

    This is a good start for monitoring a ShoreTel voice server, but could use a few specific TCP port checks added.  We will post those in version two after we work through the details.  The list of monitored apps includes two items you may want to pull off (VPRO Antivirus Program & Norton Antivirus Check2, both Norton EXE files), the others are based upon the Windows OS and ShoreTel software:

    Services.exe, Shoretel Database connection to MySQL, Windows OS Portmapping, ShoreTel Softswitch Service (2 of these), ShoreTel Voice Mail Management Service,  Shoreware DCOM Update Service, Shoreware Workgroup Queue & Distribution Agent, Shoreware Voice Mail Port Component & the Shoreware Voice mail Component.  Need help, contact us..Good Luck!