Version 1

    I do a lot of tweaking and customization on the resource files Orion uses to create it's views. What I do most of the time is too involved to share here, however, I have recently incorporated a handy addition that doesn't require much additional overhead.

    In this download I have included the actual 01-AdvancedNodeDetails.Resource file as well as text document that describes how to add this to a prexisting customized copy of the same without overwriting.


    What you'll have to do is create a column with the address of each of your nodes. My column was simply called "Address", so that is what you woill see in my code, but you just change that if this column by a different name already exists for you. You will then have to modify my code by replacing the area I designated with your starting address. (I put it at the very bottom of the table in the resource file). That's all you will really need to do, if you already have a column with addresses just adjust my code to match the column name and you'll be good to go.

    This puts a link on "Node Details" called "Directions" that will send you to with your starting location as the location you specify in your code, and a destination of the current node you are looking at. There are other ways to dynmaically do these routes obviously, but if you always start from a static location this will work for you.

    I have already found this very useful when you have various rarely visited sites in driving distance...