Version 1

    My biggest beef with the Orion Account tool is the lack of a field to add comments of User Name to an account.
    Our company uses Employee ID numbers to login & this makes it very cumbersome to find out who has access to what features in Orion.
    So I created this little Custom Report to display the account settings using Report Writer.
    You can right click & export to Excel and add real user name info to this in Excel.

    I've added a few exceptions to this report so that some of the default accounts do not display in this report. 


    AccountID AS UserID, AccountEnabled AS Enabled, MenuName AS MenuBar, AllowAdmin AS Admin, AllowCustomize AS Customize, AllowEventClear AS Event_Clearing, LastLogin as Last_Login, ReportFolder as Reports
    FROM Accounts
      (AccountID <> 'Admin') AND
      (AccountID <> 'Guest') AND
      (AccountID <> 'DirectLink') AND
      (AccountID <> 'Report') AND
      (AccountID <> 'rim')