Version 1

    Modified version of 03-DownNodes.Resource located in your "...\NetPerfMon\Resources\1-1-SummaryReports."  I then edited the file using the suggestions from Vic and Network Guru and added my own functionality.  This will not only display the nodes that are not up, but also nodes with comments (specifically NOT NULL, and NOT ' '<--- leading space issue in the post that someone has got to fix) in the Status_Info custom property.  This is useful for monitoring unstable circuits, as well as for preventing stale information from being stored in the database. You can also create an alert suppression for nodes that have data in the status_info which will prevent multiple alerts for bouncing circuits.  Once we have verified that the circuit is up and stable, we close our ticket in our ticketing system and then clear out the status_info field.  After you have your new web resource, you will need to add it to your new custom view (it will be listed as Down Nodes and Non-Blank Status_Info under Summary Reports.