Version 8

    Problem downloading F5 devices configuration ?


    Please use build-in NCM device template for F5 devices.


    It is called “F5 Big IP”. Before use it you  need to do some pre-configuration on device.


    Basically you need to login on device web interface and configure user to login directly into Advanced shell right after connect instead of tmsh as it is right now. Details are there:


    With such configuration it will enabled full NCM support of device and you will be able to even download UCF and SCF configs. and you should not have any further issues with the F5 devices.

    Only then the NCM will be able to download the full configuration from the F5 devices and will work without any issues .



    Want F5 UCS Binary files to download ?


    With NCM 7.5, one may now back up the UCS file for F5 devices as well as other vendors or machines that have binary files and not text. These files are stored in a shared drive and not the database, they do not participants in Real Time Change Detection, Config Change Reporting or Compliance Reporting in NCM. The primary objective was to allow NCM to get the backup of the devices and move them to the config archive folder on the server or wherever it was customized to be.


    Back up the F5 UCS file in NCM 7.5 and Higher version other binary files such as .tgz and .tar


    Please Note:

    With F5 NCM creates the file and then waits for the file transfer to complete this could be very large as well depending on the device. You need to check the following area of product .


    Check Time Out Settings on F5 Devices (F5 KB )

    Check the TFTP File location

    Check the Configuration File Size on the Device (TFTP Limit is 4 GB)

    Check the Device IP address is allowed through Firewall for TFTP communication

    Check the Thwack help pages




    If you are getting TFTP TimeOut You may need to  extend the TFTP timeout settings so that we can be sure that the file gets copied to the TFTP root folder.

    You can check the Vendor / Or Below KB post here.

    K93412415: TFTP timeout during config backup


    Please also check below KB posts and TFTP limit and FAQ

    Error: Transfer failed. Reason unknown. TFTP Server Timeout


    Also please Note: There is limit for the TFTP File transfer files 4 GB . (Above 4 GB the TFTP will fail )


    FAQ: about TFTP:

    Questions about the SolarWinds TFTP Server and TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) in general


    Please Note: TFTP is free Tool which comes with NCM as well however if you have any further issues with TFTP support is available through Thwack

    Please Find the below Thwack link to submit your issue

    Solarwinds TFTP Support Page Thwack (FREE TOOL )


    Q)  Does the SolarWinds TFTP Server still have a 32MB file size limitation?
    A)  No. The SolarWinds TFTP Server now has a 4GB file size limit.

    Q)  Why did the 32MB file size limitation exist?
    A)  The original RFC for TFTP used a fixed block size, which inherently limited the file size to 32MB. RFC2347 and RFC2348 introduced and allowed for block size negotiation which allow for file sizes up to 4GB or larger if the server and client support block size wraparound.

    Q)  Why is it that even though I'm using the latest SolarWinds TFTP Server I can't transfer files larger than 32MB?
    A)  Remember, both the client and the server have to support block size negotiation. So, if you're running the SolarWinds TFTP Server on an XP Workstation and transferring a file to a Cisco router with resent IOS it'll work great. However, if you're running the TFTP Server on an XP Workstation and transferring the file to another XP Workstation using the standard XP TFTP client you'll be limited to 32MB as this is the maximum that the standard XP client supports.

    Q)  Can I run the SolarWinds TFTP Server on the same server with Orion NPM, Cirrus, or other SolarWinds products?
    A)  Yes, no worries.



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