Version 2

    I made a query recently and also a search query .


    Create a new widget with this custom query:


    SELECT OAS.Node.Caption as [Node] -- node name
    , OAS.Node.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Node] -- mouse hover for node
    , OAS.Databases.DisplayName as [DB] -- DB name
    ,OAS.Databases.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_DB] -- mouse hover for DB info
    , DisplayName as [Application] --application name
    , DetailsURL as [_LinkFor_Application] --mouse hover for application name
    FROM Orion.APM.SqlServerApplication OAS 
    -- OAS (Orion.APM.SqlServerApplication) created to link 
    Order By Node Asc


    And this for the search:

    SELECT OAS.Node.Caption as [Node]
    , OAS.Node.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Node]
    , OAS.Databases.DisplayName as [DB]
    ,OAS.Databases.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_DB]
    , DisplayName as [Application]
    , DetailsURL as [_LinkFor_Application]
    -- anything that matches a WHERE as  '${SEARCH_STRING}'  will filter
    FROM Orion.APM.SqlServerApplication OAS
    WHERE (DisplayName Like  '${SEARCH_STRING}' 
    OR OAS.Node.Caption Like  '${SEARCH_STRING}'
    OR OAS.Databases.DisplayName Like  '${SEARCH_STRING}')
    Order By Displayname Asc