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    Welcome to the NCM Troubleshooting Landing Page in this post i have tried to address most common issues related to the NCM Module .

    If you think something is missing / need to add please feel free to comment under the post .

    This page will help you to Troubleshooting your issues where you have offline environment without sending the diagnostics to the Solarwinds support.


    Please Note: Currently supported software versions  Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

    Latest Version: 8.0

    Oldest Supported Version: 7.6

    7.7June 6, 2019September 6, 2019September 6, 2020
    7.6December 4, 2018March 4, 2019March 4, 2020

    Solarwinds strongly recommend for an upgrade to the latest version with HF installed - More details you can find out under the posts below linked

    Why You Should Be Upgrading Orion and SQL Server


    Are you using the older version of NCM ? Please see the post below


    NCM-Orion- Upgrade

    Fresh Orion deployment Vs upgrade older version

    Which Orion logs i should check when upgrading / installing HF activity

    Orion Platform Products Installation and Upgrade Guide

    NCM requirements for SQL credentials during Orion Configuration wizard

    Why You Should Be Upgrading Orion and SQL Server

    Orion Platform 2018.4 Centralized Upgrades Walkthrough


    Troubleshooting NCM Jobs


    How can i troubleshot NCM Jobs performance?

    Where i can see NCM Job logs ?

    Where i can see NCM activity logs ?

    Why i am unable to download the device configuration ?

    I have Errors downloading device configuration which logs i should check?

    NCM connection test is failed to device what to check and how to correct it ?

    I want to see what NCM is doing in the logs and live activity ?


    I am running NCM Job and few devices are failing downloading configuration (Most common)

    Make sure you are able to connect to the device from the poller

    Make sure you are able to download the configuration from the devices manually



    Troubleshooting NCM  Inventory Jobs

    NCM Inventory Job is taking to much time / Which nodes are taking long time /  Where i can see real time inventory job logs

    I have problem with NCM Inventory Job what to check  where to check the logs ?


    Troubleshooting Device Download Issues

    Which file should I monitor to see which router/switch NCM has backed up, or is trying to backup ?

    NCM nodes failing downloading Error message: connectivity issues, discarding configuration / "show running" on a Cisco switch ( % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. ) (Most common)

    NCM few nodes failing downloading config files (Connection Refused ) / (Connection TimeOut) Error  (Most common)

    View live Orion log activity Kiwi Log Viewer

    View live NCM Job Logs activity for any failure / Errors / Performance

    Troubleshooting NCM performance for jobs /devices downloading configs failure

    VIEW LIVE NCM logs NCM Connection profile test Compare Success and Failure and troubleshot understanding the reason of Failure (Most common)



    Troubleshooting downloading F5 devices configuration

    NCM troubleshooting downloading F5 devices configuration



    Troubleshooting RealTime RTCN Notification

    Troubleshot NCM RealTime Change Notification RTN logs / email issues

    I am not receiving Real Time Change Notification emails ? Why ? What to check and which logs ?

    Creating real time notifications for non Cisco devices Vendors


    Troubleshooting Firmware Upgrade Issues

    Where i can see NCM View firmware vulnerability logs if its completing the task ?

    What permission required on firmware storage folder ?

    Firmware Upgrade storage unable to obtain read-write access to network share using specified credentials


    Stack switch firmware upgrade / Questions / Feature Requests

    Firmware Upgrades for stacked Cisco switches

    Support for IOS Firmware Upgrades for Stacked Switches

    Firmware upgrades access for non-admin users


    All NCM Feature Requests can be found here (Most common)

    Network Configuration Manager Feature Requests



    Troubleshooting NCM Syslog / Traps

    Tips and tricks for managing traps and syslog in Orion NPM

    I am not receiving Syslogs / Traps from a device how can i troubleshot


    NCM Device Template related questions

    List of supported NCM devices (Most common)

    Creating a new NCM Device Template explained

    Manage NCM firmware upgrade templates

    Create an NCM config change template

    Best practices for NCM device command templates

    Create device templates in NCM

    Basic NCM config change template commands

    A Few Tips and Tricks When Creating NCM Config Change Templates

    More Automation in NCM: Usage of Variables and Custom Properties in Command Scripts and Config Change Templates



    How to use EOL/EoS Feature in NCM

    How to use the EoL/EoS Feature in NCM

    SolarWinds EOL Lookup: Which of My Devices Will Become End-of-Life?

    Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data


    NCM Logs Location

    View live Orion log activity Kiwi Log Viewer


    NCM Database health check and Troubleshooting performance

    Quick NCM-Orion database health check guide

    SQL High CPU troubleshooting checklist


    Regular expression / Config Comparison issues - Ignore Blank Lines

    NCM config comparison showing blank line

    How do I ignore lines in downloaded configs when comparing in NCM

    Cirrus Regex pattern for ignoring blank lines with whitespaces

    Help with regular expressions and config change reports

    NCM Compliance Rule RegEx at the end of the line

    Regular expression pattern matching examples

    Exclude config content from comparison in NCM

    Conflict: Running configs and startup configs do not match


    Create and manage policy rules

    How to Create and manage policy rules


    General Questions / How to in NCM

    NCM How do I push a config to a particular model of switch

    Overall Running vs. StartUp Config Conflicts Chart shows Unknown

    Adding filters to charts in NCM on the Config Summary page


    Exclude config content from comparison in NCM

    NCM use of Regular Expressions in Comparison Criteria

    Conflict: Running configs and startup configs do not match

    Example NCM command script with variables

    Automate tasks with NCM command scripts and jobs

    Create an NCM job to execute a command script on devices



    Troubleshoot NCM / Orion Alerts

    Quick Troubleshoot steps for Orion Alerts

    Using Custom Properties sending Alert emails


    Learn how to Troubleshooting NCM  Example - Cases

    NCM Not downloading full configuration [Case studies]

    NCM backup failed ERROR: Running config: Configuration post processing error.See NcmBusinessLayerPlugin and DPE logs

    NCM Nightly Jobs suddenly stuck - Reboot System worked [Case Study]


    Palo Alto Features

    Introducing Network Insight for Palo Alto Networks


    Still need assistance from Solarwinds Support

    Tips and Tricks on opening a Support Ticket with SolarWinds