Version 16

    This article will guide you to view and track any Error within NCM Session Trace if you have any Failure and Success using Kiwi Log Viewer.

    You can easily determine / Compare Success and Failure and troubleshot understanding the reason of Failure


    Firstly make sure the Session Trace option is enabled

    Settings > All Settings > CLI Settings



    Now install Kiwi Syslog on the Poller where you have the Node assigned (Session Trace will be generated on the Poller where the node is assigned )

    View live Orion log activity Kiwi Log Viewer


    Map the Session Trace log for the Node in Kiwi Log Viewer run the test and notice the issue


    Default location for CLI and Session Trace Logs





    Please Note : The Session Trace will be marked as ip address of the Node you are going to run the test.


    Once Done  Run the Test below and check the logs



    On the Node Details page > Edit Node > (Go to NCM Connection Profile )



    Scenario (Time Out with # Login )


    In this case It is possible there may be extremely big delays with writing data to session trace.


    Such type of issues are usually caused by antivirus software installed on system which continuously monitor write to file operation and delay it.

    Please  disable session trace logs and that should resolve issue.



    Scenario (Time Out with )

    In cases there might be device banner causing the issue / Device banner may contained some commands which might be confusing the NCM .

    (Please remove the device banner from the device and then try to re produce your test again )



    In case issue still exist with disabled traces, first of all turn off Windows Defender Real-time Protection feature (better to turn defender off completely).

    Also disable any other antivirus if any installed. Then turn session traces back on and reproduce issue.



    You may can map the OrionWeb.log file if you have such Error in screen shot (Unable to connect to polling engine )



    (Please contact solarwinds support if you have such error

    System.Exception: Unable to connect to polling engine xxxxxxxxx on the relevant server. Verify that NCM 7.7 or later is installed on the server. ---> System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[SolarWinds.InformationService.Contract2.InfoServiceFaultContract]: Cirrus.Nodes.ValidateLogin failed, check fault information.)








    Now run the Connection Profile Test again and Check the log file to understand the Error



    If you this area is successfully Tested and Test Successful .

    Go to the Node page and (Config Tab) Try download the configuration and keep checking  your Session Trace as above



    Still have any issue or any failure ?


    If you are unable to understand the issue in the logs please contact Solarwinds Support or send these logs (ZIP) if you already have ticket opened with Support team.


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