Version 2

    It is my pleasure to announce the release of NPM v2019.4 RC1. To download the Release Candidate, log in to the Customer Portal and navigate to the NPM downloads section. A few important notes:

    • RC builds are made available to existing customers prior to the formal release ("GA"). These are used to get customer feedback in production environments.
    • RC versions can be upgraded to later releases and are fully supported in production environments.

    With that out of the way, let's jump into the contents of this release!



    Device View


    Device View allows you to see the physical layout of your network switch's interfaces (except management or console) in order to check port status, utilization, and position from the Orion Web Console. It is being released in NPM 2019.4 as a "technical preview", meaning we haven't added enough functionality to deem it a full-fledged feature. In this case, the limiting factor comes in the form of vendor support.


    NPM 2019.4 includes Device View support for the majority of switches in the following families (provided they're not in a "stacked" configuration):

    • Cisco Catalyst 2960
    • Cisco Catalyst 2960L
    • Cisco Catalyst 2960S
    • Cisco Catalyst 2960X
    • Cisco Catalyst 2960XR
    • Juniper EX2200
    • Juniper EX3300


    In order for Device View to be available in the web console, the supported switch will need to be monitored as an SNMP node.


    Once monitored, you'll be able to access the new subview from the Node Details page.


    Device View can be filtered using the filter list on the left side of the page. Currently, you can filter the interfaces based on status. Interfaces that do not match the selected filters become opaque.

    Device View also provides a side panel with additional interface details. This is not visible by default. To view the side panel, click on any interface in the Device View stencil. The side panel displays the caption of the interface, it's IP address, MAC address, duplex mode, and more.



    Real-Time Charts


    With NPM 2019.4, we're also releasing our first set of widgets that provide real-time data!


    Real-time CPU Load & Memory Usage will now appear by default in the top-right position of the Node Details Vital Stats page.



    Real-time interface Percent Utilization will similarly appear in the top-right position of the Interface Details Summary page.


    These charts can also be added via the Add Widget panel on other appropriate views.


    The Chart Refresh Time update interval for real-time data charts is set to 2 seconds by default. This can be changed in two ways:


    • Via the Web Console Settings page:

    • Via the Advanced Configuration page:


    The polling settings are tied to PerfStack, and can be adjusted on the Advanced Configuration page in PerfStack settings.


    Improved Port Type Mapping


    This feature provides information which can be used for filtering interfaces by port type during the discovery process. The changes we've made are primarily on the backend, but you may notice some minor UI tweaks.



    Performance Improvements


    NPM 2019.4 includes many improvements to web performance. We think you'll notice a difference in how fast the pages load.



    Updated Localization


    NPM 2019.4 includes improved support for the Japanese and German languages.




    What now?


    Like what you see? Customers on active maintenance can upgrade to the latest version of NPM by simply logging into your customer portal, downloading the installer, and running it on their Orion server. On the portal, you will also find release notes, system requirements, and all the other docs you need to perform a successful upgrade.


    The best way to provide feedback or request help during the RC is to post here in this forum. You can also file a ticket with Support just as you would for any other Generally Available (GA) version. I look forward to hearing about your upgrade experience and what you think of the new features we have implemented!


    Lastly, check out the other SolarWinds products that have new RC content by checking out their respective forums for new goodies:


    If there is anything you think that we should consider in a future release please be sure to go create new feature request to let me know about the additional functionality you would like to see!