Version 1

    When configuring VMAN to monitor your Nutanix environment, you'll notice that we've noted this as a technical preview. To clarify what that means, it signifies that this is a first step of monitoring Nutanix environments, but not a complete set of functionality. There are many features that VMAN customers are used to seeing when monitoring their virtualization environment: recommendations, capacity planning, and much more. To that end, when we evaluated the Nutanix monitoring feature, we wanted to deliver visibility to you earlier, gather your feedback and actively integrate that while we're developing the feature. Since there are many features that are not enabled, we denoted this to be a technical preview.


    When you start monitoring a Nutanix environment, you'll first see our banner letting you know that this indeed is a technical preview, and that not all VMAN functionality is enabled for Nutanix environments... yet!


    However, when you look at the documentation surrounding hardware health in the SAM RC1, you'll notice that hardware health is fully functional and thus is not in technical preview. SAM and VMAN customer both gain visibility and alerting into the hardware health of their appliance.


    Outside of hardware health, after adding your Nutanix cluster (by providing your Prism (Element) credentials), you'll receive visibility into how your Nutanix environment is related to your VMware or Hyper-V hypervisor monitored infrastructure.


    My London cluster is monitored by VMware vCenter as well, with the status of the Nutanix cluster entity informed by the health checks provided through Nutanix Prism.

    AppStack is showing me the relationships between Nutanix and VMware entities


    Customers upgrading to this version of SAM and VMAN will be able to configure alerts on the status of their Nutanix appliances. Thus, rest easy if there's any issue with the temperature of the appliance rising above normal, you'll be alerted in your normal workflow and can jump from VMAN for a quick view of the situation. Drill into the Prism console from the Nutanix cluster details view to continue with your troubleshooting.


    Let us know how the technical preview treats you, and of course, please let us know which VMAN features you'd love to be enabled for Nutanix environments.