Version 1

    It with great satisfaction I announce availability for SRM 2019.4.  New features include:

    • Monitoring for Dell EMC Data Domain
    • Hardware Health for Dell EMC Data Domain
    • Controller Monitoring for Dell EMC VNX Clariion


    Seen enough and ready to install to install SRM 2019.4?

    Remember, all your Orion modules will upgrade at the same time, so make sure you check all the products out before you click GO!  See the Orion Platform 2019.4 release notes

    Each release candidate is a fully tested and supported version of the product and you can upgrade current production servers, while retaining your complete configuration and history. 

    Note that this is the first release using the new SRM version format that adheres to the version format of the Orion Platform. 

    Version 2019.4 is the next release following SRM 6.8 and is compatible with Orion Platform 2019.4


    Dell EMC Data Domain

    As our most requested item on thwack, we are very happy to finally bring you support for Data Domain!!!

    More info to come, but for right now here are some screenshots (Summary, Block Storage, File Storage, Storage Pools, LUNs, and Hardware Health)


    And don't forget, we have Hardware Health too!


    Controllers for VNX Clariion

    As our first installment of controller performance, we bring SPA and SPB from your friendly neighborhood VNX Clarrion.

    More info to come, but here are some screenshots you can enjoy right now!

    Your Feedback Counts!

    Post your thoughts, questions and concerns into the SRM RC Forum - the SRM team will be watching for input to make the product better and better.


    What's Next?

    We hope you enjoyed the 2019.4 episode of Storage Resource Manager!   Don't see what you are looking for here? Check out the What we are working on for SRM after v6.8 -- Updated on March 14, 2019 post for what our dedicated team of storage nerds and code jockeys are already looking at.  If you don't see everything you've been wishing for there, add it to the Storage Resource Manager Feature Requests.   Excelsior!