Version 1

    So I was struggling with some device templates as some of my HP switches don't support show run, others don't support display current config, and some don't show vlan assignments in the configs, and my H3C's didn't like lots of the things.

    So working on a template that would allow me to download HP_Vlans (a custom config type I created), I found that when I applied it to all my Procurve switches, some wouldn't download anything.
    then realized the operating system version were different on the same models and didn't support the same commands.


    Attaching three device templates for HP:

    H3C switches

    HP ProCurve that support "show running-config"

    HP ProCurve switches that support "Display Current-Configuration", and "Display vlan all" ( since vlan



    These are specifically for downloads of running and saved configs, as well as display vlan all, on applicable switches (vlans are needed for some compliance reports) , I've not fully tested save, erase etc. !