Version 11

    If you have been using the Orion platform for any length of time you are probably well familiar with the Syslog and SNMP Trap facilities built into the Orion platform. While these tools have been a mainstay in our platform for many years, the time has come for us to move on to a new set of features that will allow us to modernize and extend the logging capabilities in Orion. As an example, our customers have been asking to see integration of syslog and traps into the Orion alerting engine for a very long time. Orion Log Viewer (OLV) makes that possible! Starting with Orion Core Platform 2019.4, OLV is now a free add-on feature that you can install directly via the SolarWinds Orion installer during fresh installs or upgrades. There are some pre-requisites for OLV and the installer will check on these and give you the option to proceed with an OLV install if those requirements are met. Don't despair if your environment isn't ready to consume OLV. The upgrade from the legacy syslog and traps will still be optional with this release. One note for those using the existing syslog and trap functionality. Installing OLV will override your existing rules. This means your previously configured syslog and trap rules and alerts will no longer be active. While there is no migration path for existing rules or log data to transfer to OLV, they will continue to be readable in the old viewers. We hope this change will be a big step forward in making logging a more valuable tool on the Orion platform. As always, we would love to hear your feedback!


    There are several benefits to moving over to OLV such as:


    • Orion alert integration. When a rule is triggered you can now select an option to send the event to the Orion alerting engine.
    • OLV has it's own database separate from the Orion DB to alleviate performance issues caused by large volumes of syslog and traps.
    • OLV is completely web based. No more jumping out of the web console and jumping on to the Orion box via RDP to use the old Win32 apps.
    • Use log data in PerfStack for quick and easy correlation.
    • VMware event collection. (For those who have licensed Virtualization Manager)


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    In addition to the benefits above you can also enable a 30 day evaluation of Log Analyzer directly from the OLV interface within seconds. (No downtime or reboots needed) Log Analyzer is a paid product that lives on top of the basic Orion Log Viewer and brings additional value by allowing for:


    • Windows event collection
    • Log Tagging
    • Histogram view of logs and events
    • Live view of event collection
    • Filter on Log Tags
    • Included polling engines for distribution and scale
    • Export logs to CSV
    • Direct access to Log Viewer from Node Details management resource


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