Version 1

    Hello thwack team. I would like share this information.


    Actually we have knowledge base about how to change logo for SolarWinds but this only is for the logo on the upper left corner, as follow

    if you whan to do it this KB its work:

    Change the Orion Web Console logo in the Orion Platform


    But in this occation we will change this logo on the main loggin page (I didn't find KB about this):

    To do that we need a imagen in .svg format, if you dont know how to obtain this file you can use Inkscape program or any other program to do it. (youtube tutorial!!!)

    Create two files with the names: SolarWinds-Logo.svg and SW-logo.svg


    And copy it on the path of the main poller server: C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\images\Login and reemplace it this files (create a backup for old files)

    After that go to your web page SolarWinds of session login and the logo should change

    I don't know if when executing a wizar it will change to its original state, if so, we only need to change the files again until SolaWInds allow to do it from some configuration section


    Remember to consider backup or snapshot options as a best practice before any changes. I hope it works for you



    Alan Martinez