Version 1

    This is a sample script showing how to pull advanced statistics from the pi-hole application ( running on a Raspberry Pi. IMPORTANT: This script requires an API token to run. To get the API token, log into the admin panel, click "Settings", click the API/Web interface tab, and then click the "Show API Token", and then insert that as the script argument. EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Since Powershell doesn't run on Raspberry Pi, you have to set this template to run in "agentless" mode, which you do by opening the "advanced" options 5 (or so) lines below this description. More information on the pi-hole API can be found here: Use at your own risk. This script is intended for testing and educational purposes only. Do not hold the author, the author's company, or the author's dog responsible for any hair loss, poor coffee quality, or lingering childhood trauma.