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    This page was developed to track all the current DISA STIGs for Dell Switch Devices.  All new revisions of the content within will be noted here.  I do apologize for the multiple downloads.  It is a recommended process for those new to this customization to help alleviate any "cacheing" issues when attempting to "Update Reports" within NCM.  Also, many users have requested certain parts of the STIGs they would like to check for and does not burden them with "All" STIGs. 


    Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance. 


    Required Custom Properties

    You will need to create TWO Custom Properties for your Dell Devices.


    Name the first column "C1_Device_Type" and include the following drop-down selections:


    L2SW  -  Layer 2 Switches

    IL3S  -  Infrastructure Layer 3 Switches

    IRTR  -  Infrastructure Routers

    PL3S  -  Perimeter Layer 3 Switches

    PRTR  -  Perimeter Routers

    IS4K  -  ISR 4000 Series Routers

    FW  -  ASA Firewalls


    Name the second custom property "C2_OS" and include the following drop-down selections:


        DELL - To support the Dell Operating System







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