Version 6

    Smart Service Desk

    • Suggestions of requester assets
    • Sentiment Analysis (now in Beta): an indicator of negative sentiment to help prioritize and analyze tickets based on the requester’s sentiment
    • Cross-system facelift of Smart suggestions

    Strengthening the ITSM Core

    • Reports Enhancements: 
      • Adding new reports
      • More time selection options
    • Dashboard Enhancements:
      • Multiple Dashboards per user
      • New chat widgets
    • Agent Settings: Providing more versatility to agents to customize their working environment + Out of office setting.
    • Tasks and Approvals: Be able to reassign in the middle of a live workflow
    • Change Management:
      • Introduction of Change Catalog Items
      • Introduction of workflow in change
    • Live indications in the Incidents index when new incidents arrive
    • Create and share views with other employees directly from the index.

    Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

    • CMDB: Generation 2 CMDB data model designed for better management and organization of Configuration Items: Extensible CI data model, CI relationships, custom CI types, custom CI fields and out-of-the-box IT CI set.
    • CMDB Visualization - visually view/analyze CI dependencies

    Workflows and Automation

    • Update Record workflow action: Update multiple data fields
    • Send Notification workflow action: Send email notifications from inside workflows to report various status or progress changes

    Service Engagements

    • Continue the enhancements on the ITSM Page Tabs in order to improve the user experience
    • Mobile:
      • Tasks & Approvals for agents
      • Attaching solutions for agents
      • Notification customization
    • Chat: Further investing in the agent experience to make working in chat more efficient and auditable by adding:
      • Attaching files and solutions
      • Roles and permissions
      • Browser-based notifications


    • Import asset information from Orion
    • Cloud discovery for AWS
    • Use a new CMDB data model to represent discovered entities


    Love it? Hate it? Want to be involved in our beta or design partnership programs? Let me know below!