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    Huawei's Netstream works similarly to Cisco's Netflow. It gathers conversational data and stores them into a cache.

    Then, it will export the flow data to external flow collector or analyzer where the data can be used for troubleshooting bandwidth issue, traffic volume report etc


    For this one, we need Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) acting as the data collector.

    Keep in mind, NTA will require Network Performance Monitor (NPM) to run first.


    Similar to Cisco's Flexible Netflow configuration, you need to define:

    • netstream export
    • netstream record
    • netstream interface


    Sample scenario:


    NetStream ComponentData
    Huawei IP Address10.1.1.1
    NTA IP address10.1.1.100
    NTA Port (default)2055 / UDP



    NetStream Export Configuration


    [Huawei] ip netstream timeout active 1

    [Huawei] ip netstream timeout inactive 10

    [Huawei] ip netstream export source
    [Huawei] ip netstream export host 2055

    [Huawei] ip netstream version 9


    NetStream Record Configuration (flexible flow stats template)


    [Huawei] ip netstream record nta

    [Huawei-record-nta] match ip source-address

    [Huawei-record-nta] match ip source-port

    [Huawei-record-nta] match ip destination-address

    [Huawei-record-nta] match ip destination-port
    [Huawei-record-nta] collect counter bytes
    [Huawei-record-nta] collect counter packets
    [Huawei-record-nta] collect interface input
    [Huawei-record-nta] collect interface output
    [Huawei-record-nta] quit


    NetStream Interface Configuration


    [Huawei] interface Ethernet 0/0/0
    [Huawei-Ethernet0/0/0] port ip netstream record nta

    [Huawei-Ethernet0/0/0] ip netstream inbound
    [Huawei-Ethernet0/0/0] ip netstream outbound


    NetStream Configuration Verification


    [Huawei] display netstream all

    [Huawei] display ip netstream statistic Ethernet0/0/0


    On SolarWinds NPM and NTA


    NPM List Resource:

    NTA Netflow Source (automatically displayed)



    NetStream Configuration - S2750, S5700, and S6720 V200R008C00 Configuration Guide - Network Management and Monitoring - …